The NEW Pride of St Helens Business Awards, in association with Invest in St Helens, is an evening of celebration and glamour for the leading organisations who invest in St Helens.

Being nominated or winning a business award is a credible opportunity to showcase your organisation’s achievements and demonstrate how you make a difference in St Helens.

The awards support our vision to raise the profile of St Helens’ diligent, innovative and enterprising business community. There are so many great businesses in St Helens, we need to tell people your stories to create inspiration and help raise aspirations and pride

How these awards differ?

There are many great Business Awards available that recognise success and achievement within private businesses in the UK, judging businesses on their operational success.

However, Pride in St Helens Business Awards is different. Our awards celebrate the role of St Helens Businesses, Social Enterprises and School’s investment in raising the profile of St Helens as a place to invest, live, learn, visit and work, via nurturing aspirations, pride, creating inspiration, job and wealth creation.

We recognise that all businesses participate and contribute to St Helens economy and future opportunities. These business awards celebrate and tell your stories, far and wide, of your contribution to St Helens,

We believe the prosperity of business and St Helens has a whole, is linked. If every business strives to be a responsible business and promotes a pride in place, there will be a positive multiplier effect that will benefit St Helens economy and its residents.

With 11 categories to enter, there is a category to suit ANY organisation of ANY size. It’s also free to enter and open to both St Helens ambassador members and non-ambassadors.

The event could not take place without the valued support of our sponsors and we’d like to extend our thanks to them for their support.

The 2018 awards took place on Thursday 15 November at the Totally Wicked Stadium. Click here for all the details of the winners.

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